Poster Session 1 - Monday, 20.03.2017 (16:30 - 18:00) - Posters must be fixed during the lunch time (from 12h30 to 14h) and removed immediately  after the end of the sessions[1]
Code Presenter Title Authors
Poster P1-01 Abstract Anna Carolina Telatin Tognolo Thermosensitive nanodevices for drug delivery J. C. Freitas, A.C.T. Tognolo, M.G.N. Campos, M. Jafelicci Jr., R.F.C. Marques          
Poster P1-02 Abstract Benedito Antonio Luciano Nanocrystalline Alloy Toroidal Core used for Current Transformer and Electric Current Sensing in the Electromagnetic Energy Harvesting Context B. A. Luciano, T. L. V. N. Silva, R. C. S. Freire, W. B. Castro
Poster P1-03 Abstract Bianca Caroline Arantes Felipe The use of Cu-based shape memory alloys as pipe couplers Felipe, B.C.A., Silva, M.R., Kiminami, C.S.,Gargarella, P.          
Poster P1-04 Abstract Felipe Silva Bellucci Development of magnetic composites (SR/IRON) type isotropic MRE based on silicone rubber and iron powders to be applied in vibration absorption systems Felipe Silva Bellucci; Jeferson Camargo Fukushima; Daniel Henrique de Sousa Obata; Fabricio César Lobato de Almeida; Amarildo Tabone Paschoalini 
Poster P1-05 Abstract Filipe Leal Carvalho dos Santos Use of E-cat (Equilibrium Catalyst) for clinker production through high energy milling Filipe L. C. Santos, Hélio F. M. Junior, Antonio R. Bigansolli          
Poster P1-06 Abstract Karine Cappuccio de Castro SYNTHESIS AND CHARACTERIZATION OF CHITOSAN/PLA NANOPARTICLES FOR POTENTIAL APPLICATION IN BOVINE MASTITIS TREATMENT K. C. de Castro, L. H. I. Mei, F. C. Carvalho, E. A. N.Martins, R. F. C. Marque, M. G. N. Campos
Poster P1-07 Abstract Dilermando Nagle Travessa Equal Channel Angular Pressing of AA6061 Alloy Composite Reinforced by Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes L. R. Andrade, D. N.Travessa          
Poster P1-08 Abstract Jardel de Souza Belo Study of hydrogen diffusion in nanocrystalline equimolar CoCrFeMnNi High Entropy Alloy after severe plastic deformation Belo, J. S., dos Santos, D. S.,
Poster P1-09 Abstract Jorge M. Cubero-Sesin Microstructure evolution and solid-state transformations of CP Ti and Ti-6Al-7Nb under high-pressure torsion (HPT) J.E. González-Hernández, L.M. Rojas, E. Ulate-Kolitsky, J.M. Cubero-Sesin and Zenji Horita          
Poster P1-11 Abstract Marcelo Valerio Quartiermeister Corrosion Resistance of Ultrafine – Grained Aluminum Alloys Obtained Through Severe Plastic Deformation  Marcelo Valerio Quartiermeister; Vitor Luiz Sordi; Carlos Alberto Della Rovere          
Poster P1-12 Abstract Neil de Medeiros Analysis of the microstructural evolution of an Al 7075-T651 alloy during ECAP based on continuous dynamic recrystallization D.C. Silva, N. Medeiros, L.P. Moreira
Poster P1-13 Abstract Pedro Henrique Rodrigues Pereira Examining the Thermal Stability of an Al-Mg-Sc alloy processed by High-Pressure Torsion. Pedro Henrique R. Pereira, Yi Huang, Terence G. Langdon          
Poster P1-14 Abstract Ricardo Sanson Namur Consolidation and Mechanical Alloying of Blended Elemental Powders by ECAP: A Novel Approach R.S. Namur, K.D. Zilnyk, O.M. Cintho
Poster P1-15 Abstract Alejandro David Martinez Amariz SOOT IMFLUENCE ON MECHANICAL PROPERTIES OF CERAMIC BRICK A. Martínez, Leda Paz Muñoz          
Poster P1-16 Abstract Anil Kumar Bhatnagar AC Conductivity Studies Of La Doped BaFeO3 Nanocrystalline Systems A. Sendil Kumar, Slavia Deeksha D’Souza, Kotla Surya Rohith, Anil K Bhatnagar
Poster P1-17 Abstract Anil Kumar Bhatnagar Effect Of Shape Anisotropy In Magnetic Properties Of BaFe12O19 Nanocrystalline Systems A. Sendil Kumar, Anil K Bhatnagar          
Poster P1-18 Abstract Antonia Alana Lima Pacheco Application of Quartz Nanoparticles as Mineral Admixture in Cement Pastes A. A. L. Pacheco, M. F. M. Santos, R. S. Campos, M. P. Barbosa, E. A. Schenkel, C. K. Suzuki
Poster P1-19 Abstract Danilo Lopes Costa e Silva Niobium effect on modified silicate glass for nuclear waste immobilization Costa e Silva, D. L.; Silva, A. C.; Silva, M. A.; Mello-Castanho, S. R. H.          
Poster P1-20 Abstract Dilermando Nagle Travessa Obtention of TiO2 coating in multiwalled carbon nanotubes by the sol-gel technique L. A. A. Rodríguez, M. Pianassola, D. N. Travessa
Poster P1-21 Abstract Diógenes Ferreira de Almeida Microwave synthesis of boron carbide doped with cobalt Diógenes F. de Almeida, Alfeu S. Ramos, Ruth H. G. A. Kiminami, Rodolfo F. K. Gunnewiek          
Poster P1-22 Abstract Egont Alexandre Schenkel Evaluation of amorphous fraction in quartz nanoparticles using the Rietveld method E. A. Schenkel, M. F. M. Santos, A. A. L. Pacheco, E. B. Santos, E. Fujiwara, C. K. Suzuki
Poster P1-23 Abstract Elizabeth Mendes de Oliveira Multicomponent Study of Nanoparticles of TiO2, SiO2, CuO and Zn in Soil Columns. E. Oliveira, M. Paresque, J. Castro          
Poster P1-24 Abstract Elizabeth Mendes de Oliveira Toxicity of Nanoparticles of Titanium Dioxide and Copper Oxide in Landfills  E. Oliveira, M. Paresque, J. Castro
Poster P1-25 Abstract Fábio Baum Copper thioantimonate and copper thioantimonide nanoparticles obtained by hot injection: formation mechanism  Fábio Baum, Tatiane Pretto, Marcos José Leite Santos          
Poster P1-26 Abstract Fábio Baum Effects of temperature, ligands, and solvent on the size distribution of copper thioantimonide and copper thioantimonate nanoparticles synthesized by hot injection  Fábio Baum, Tatiane Pretto, Marcos José Leite Santos
Poster P1-27 Abstract Felipe Oliveira Lima Influence of the addition of ZnO nanoparticles on wood particleboards Lima, F.O.; Silva, L.L.; Campos, C.I.; Favarim, H.R          
Poster P1-28 Abstract Felipe Silva Bellucci Amorphous silica extracted from rice husks and obtained by acidic prehydrolysis and calcination: Preparation route and characterization Eduardo Roque Budemberg; Elton Aparecido Prado Dos Reis; Deuber Lincon da Silva Agostini; Renivaldo José dos Santos; Felipe Silva Bellucci; Aldo Eloizo Job; Daltro Garcia Pinatti; Rosa Ana Conte 
Poster P1-29 Abstract Flávio Paulo Milton Electric, dielectric and microstructural properties of h-BaTiO3 and CoFe2O4 composites prepared by LHPG technique F. P. Milton, D. S. F. Viana, F. L. Zabotto, M. Andreeta, D. Garcia          
Poster P1-30 Abstract Guilherme Costa de Oliveira Development of an Adhesive Mortar Using the Residue from Kaolin Beneficiation Process G. C. Oliveira, H. G. Alves, A. C. L. Patrício, G. A. Trindade
Poster P1-31 Abstract Guilherme Soares Damasceno MICROSTRUCTURAL CHARACTERIZATION OF GRANITE USED AS A LOADING ELEMENT IN EPOXY RESIN G. S. Damasceno,B. B. Lima-Kuhn, A. R. Bigansolli, D. M. Carmo          
Poster P1-32 Abstract Humberto Naoyuki Yoshimura Effects of Milling pH and Hydrothermal Treatment on Formation of Nanostructured Boehmite Binder for Alumina Extrusion H. N. Yoshimura, M. B. Lima, S. F. Santos, F. S. Ortega
Poster P1-33 Abstract Igor Charaba Cancellieri Bismuth Ferrite Nanoparticles Synthesis Using Fast Polymer Precursor Based Method Igor C. Cancellieri, Claudia P. F. Perdomo, Ruth H. G. A. Kiminami, Rodolfo F. K. Gunnewiek          
Poster P1-34 Abstract Janaina Rafaella Scheibler Biodiesel Obtained From The Cotton Oil Using Natural Clays, Pillared And Impregnated With Molybdenum Oxide J. C. Marinho, J. R. Sheibler, A. A. Cutrim, M. W. N. C. Carvalho
Poster P1-35 Abstract Janaina Rafaella Scheibler Use of the mechanical method to obtain the ZSM-5/γ-Al2O3 membrane from calcined kaolin J. R. Scheibler, V. J. da Silva, G. T. Araujo, M. G. F. Rodrigues          
Poster P1-36 Abstract Javier Alonso Cuervo Farfán Low Temperature Magnetic and Dielectric Properties of the Perovskite-Based Eu2Bi2Fe4O12 Compound J. A. Cuervo-Farfán, J. M. Cubillos, D. S. F. Viana, F. P. Milton, D. García, D.A. Landínez Téllez, J. Roa-Rojas
Poster P1-37 Abstract José Felipe Ferraresso Junior SYNTHESIS AND CHARACTERIZATION OF KBNNO PEROVSKITE VIA POLYMERIC PRECURSOR METHOD  J. F. Ferraresso Junior, A. X. A. Bonfin, G. R. Santos, B. B. Medeiros,  E. A. V. Ferri          
Poster P1-38 Abstract Jorge Costa Silva Filho Preparation and characterization of the reduced graphene oxide obtained from thermal reduction J.C.S. Filho, E.P. Soares, H. Takiishi, R.H.L Garcia, S.K. Sakata
Poster P1-39 Abstract Larissa Souza Amaral The Improvement of Photoinactivation of Escherichia coli by using Silica Nanoparticles Loaded with Toluidine Blue  Larissa, S.Amaral; Elias, P.P. Neto; Ubirajara, P. Rodrigues Filho; Janice, R.Perussi          
Poster P1-40 Abstract Larissa Souza Amaral Perfect Combination for Escherichia coli Death: Silica Nanoparticles, Photosensitizer and Light  Larissa, S.Amaral; Elias, P.P.Neto; Ubirajara, P. Rodrigues Filho; Janice, R.Perussi
Poster P1-41 Abstract Leonardo Abreu Garcia Copper-Dopped Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles Synthesis by a Fast Polymer Precursor Based Method Leonardo Abreu Garcia, Diógenes Ferreira de Almeida, Rodolfo Foster Klein-Gunnewiek          
Poster P1-42 Abstract Lucas Henrique Francisco Proton-conducting Properties of Rare Earth Substituted non-Stoichiometric Ba3Ca1+xNb2-xO9-δ Ceramics L. H. Francisco, J. E. F. S. Rodrigues, A. C. Hernandes
Poster P1-43 Abstract Mara Carolina do Carmo Paresque Synthesis and characterization of polyethylene glycol coated iron oxide nanoparticles for hyperthermia treatment M. Paresque, E. Oliveira, J. Castro, M. F. Campos          
Poster P1-44 Abstract Maria Antonieta Cavalcanti de Oliveira CHARACTERIZATION OF HYDROTHERMALLY GROWN NANO-GYPSUM FOR INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS M. A.C. Oliveira, A. H. Shinohara
Poster P1-45 Abstract Mariana Amorim Fraga Growth and characterization of nanocrystalline diamond films on sapphire and SiC substrates M. A. Fraga, D. Barbosa, V. J. Trava-Airoldi          
Poster P1-46 Abstract Michelle Chizzolini Barbosa Titanium Dioxide as Protective Thin Films for Aluminum Beverage Containers V.M. Dias, C.A. Razzino, N.M. Martinelli, V.A. Christino, M.C. Barbosa, A.O. Lobo, R.S. Pessoa, F.R. Marciano
Poster P1-47 Abstract Miguel Henrique Boratto Influence of PCBM Layer on Bipolar Conduction in n-type SnO2 Thin Film Transistors M. H. Boratto, L. V. A. Scalvi, L. V. Goncharova, G. Fanchini          
Poster P1-48 Abstract Natã Pereira de Almeida Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Synthesis Using Fast Polymer Precursor Based Method Natã A. Pereira, Fábia C. Cassanjes, Rodolfo F. K. Gunnewiek
Poster P1-49 Abstract Nelson Damásio Ferreira Microstructural characterization of mechanically alloyed and spark plasma sintered Si-C-B ceramics D. da Silva Mégda, N. D. Ferreira, M. Filgueira, L. Moreira Ferreira, C. Angelo Nunes, A. Saraiva Ramos          
Poster P1-50 Abstract Poliana Pinheiro da Silva Correlation between water absorption capacity and compressive strength in ceramic matrices with addition of tannery sludge P.P. Silva, F.S.Lima, V.N. Simões, A.L.F. Brito, A.C.S. Muniz, J.M.S. Neto
Poster P1-51 Abstract Poliana Pinheiro da Silva Evaluation of the final destination of ceramic matrices with residue addition P.P. Silva, F.S. Lima, V.N. Simões, A.L.F. Brito, A.C.S. Muniz, J.M.S. Neto          
Poster P1-52 Abstract Renata Ayres Rocha Influence of Synthesis Parameters on Oxide Ceramic Nanoparticles Characteristics T. C. Porfirio, V. Trombini, R. A. Rocha
Poster P1-53 Abstract Ricky Nelson Burgos Gavelan Sintering, electrical and photoluminescence properties of KNN:Sm3+ nano-rods R. N. G. Burgos, J. C. C. A. Diaz, L. Cichetto, M. Venet, F. M. Araujo-Moreira           
Poster P1-54 Abstract Rodrigo Uchida Ichikawa Mn0,75Zn0,25Fe2O4 nanoferrites studied by Rietveld and Pair Distribution Function analysis Willian C. A. Maranhão, Rodrigo U. Ichikawa, Fanny N. Costa, Fabio F. Ferreira, Walter K. Yoshito, Margarida J. Saeki, Xavier Turrillas and Luis G. Martinez
Poster P1-55 Abstract Roman Alvarez Roca Sintering behavior of anatase TiO2 nanoceramic by Spark Plasma Sintering R. Alvarez Roca, D. Seiti Fukano, J. A. Eiras          
Poster P1-57 Abstract Tayra Rodrigues Brazil Surface modification of coals obtained from Kraft lignin T. R. Brazil, M. Massi, M. C. Rezende          
Poster P1-58 Abstract Uallisson Silva Santos Computer Simulations of Interactions Between Hematite Nanoparticles U.S. Santos, E.D. Leite, A.F. de Moura
Poster P1-59 Abstract Vânia Trombini Hernandes Two-Step Sintering of alumina/zirconia nanocomposite V. Trombini, H. H. Miyasava, A. H. A. Bressiani          
Poster P1-60 Abstract Veruska do Nascimento Simões Study of the solidification of tannery sludge in cement matrix V.N.Simões, A.N.S, Braga, P.P.Silva. A.L.F. Brito
Poster P1-61 Abstract Washington Santa Rosa Processing of laminate ceramic composites based on the CoFe2O4/(K,Na)NbO3 system for study magnetoelectric effect Washington S. Rosa, Michel Venet, Jean Claude M'Peko, Miguel Algueró, Harvey Amorín, Rodrigo Moreno          
Poster P1-63 Abstract William de Melo SIlva Influence of the mechanical properties in the adhesion of the diamond like carbon into the edge of the carbide drill. W. Silva, P. Martins, N. Cruz, A. França, J. Carneiro, V. Trava-Airoldi          
Poster P1-64 Abstract Alessandra Cremasco Titanium oxide nanotube arrays prepared by anodic oxidation on Ti-35Nb-4Sn and Ti-35Nb-4Zr alloys A.Z. Fatichi, A. Cremasco
Poster P1-65 Abstract Andre Henrique Guimaraes Gabriel INFLUENCE OF Mo SUBSTITUTION BY Nb AND EFFECT OF B ADDITION ON Co-Cr-Mo BIOMEDICAL ALLOYS A.H.G. Gabriel, C.S. Kiminami , C.R.M. Afonso          
Poster P1-66 Abstract Barbara de Oliveira Fiorin Corrosion behavior of mechanically alloyed and sintered Ti+Ti6Si2B alloys in the artificial saliva, saline and simulated body fluid media B. Oliveira Fiorin, L. Lucena de Sousa, N. Aparecida Mariano, E. Coaglia Trindade Ramos, C. Angelo Nunes, A. Saraiva Ramos
Poster P1-67 Abstract Bárbara Louise Lemos Drumond Silva Size, concentration and viscosity analysis of dust nanoparticles aqueous solutions B. Drumond, M. Medeiros , J. Castro          
Poster P1-68 Abstract Bruna Fernanda Batistão TITANIUM ALLOYS WITH ULTRAFINE GRAINS FOR BIOMEDICAL APPLICATIONS Bruna F. Batistão, Diego A. Godoy Pérez, Alberto Moreira Jorge Jr., Conrado R.M. Afonso, Claudemiro Bolfarini, Claudio S. Kiminami and Walter J. Botta
Poster P1-69 Abstract Bruno Estevam Amantea Porous hydroxyapatite scaffold nanostructured for potential application in drug delivery system T. P. Costa, B. E. Amantéa, D. R. Assis, M. Jafelicci Jr, R. F.C. Marques          
Poster P1-70 Abstract Carolina Cruz Ferreira STUDY OF THE BIOMIMETIC COATING OF TI C.P. WITH CHITOSAN AND POLYCAPROLACTONE FOR APPLICATION IN IMPLANTS C. C. Ferreira, V. P. Ricci, L. L. de Sousa, N. A. Mariano, M. G. N. Campos
Poster P1-71 Abstract Carolina Cruz Ferreira RECOVERY OF TITANIUM WITH POLYCAPROLACTONE FOR POTENTIAL APPLICATION IN HEART VALVES C. C. Ferreira, L. L. de Sousa, V. P. Ricci, N. A. Mariano, M. G. N. Campos          
Poster P1-72 Abstract Caroline Oliveira da Rocha Evaluation of Magnetic Nanoparticles as Support to Lipase Immobilization C. O. Rocha, M. Jafelicci Jr., A. V. Paula, R. F. C. Marques
Poster P1-73 Abstract Diego Rafael Nespeque Correa Tensile properties of Ti-15Zr-xMo alloys for load-bearing implants Correa, D.R.N.; Rocha, L.A.; Doi, H.; Tsutsumi, Y.; Hanawa, T.          
Poster P1-74 Abstract Erenildo Ferreira de Macedo Enhancement of the sensitivity of Surface Plasmon Resonance sensor for protein detection Erenildo F. Macedo, Dayane B. Tada
Poster P1-75 Abstract Karine Cappuccio de Castro HYDROTHERMAL SYNTHESIS OF WATER-SOLUBLE CHITOSAN NANOPARTICLES FOR POTENTIAL BIOMEDICAL APPLICATION M. G. N. Campos, P. Rajasekaran, T. Maxwell, K. C. de Castro, S. Santra          
Poster P1-76 Abstract Luis Gustavo Cordiolli Russi DOPING OF SILVER NANOPARTICLES IN ALLOYS FOR BIOMATERIALS L. L. de Sousa, G.V. Ferreira, L. G. C. Russi, V.P. Ricci, E.C. da S. Rigo, N.A. Mariano
Poster P1-77 Abstract Luis Gustavo Cordiolli Russi SN-ZN RIBBONS FOR MEDICAL IMPLANTS L. G. C. Russi, T.M.L. da Cal, L. L. de Sousa, P. Gargarella, A.S. Ramos, N.A. Mariano          
Poster P1-78 Abstract Luiza Gouvêa Santos DEVELOPMENT OF BIODEGRADABLE PLA/PBT NANOBLENDS  L.G. Santos, L.C. Costa, L.A. Pessan
Poster P1-79 Abstract Milena Trevisan Pelegrino CHITOSAN NANOPARTICLES AND PLURONIC F-127 HYDROGELS COMBINED FOR DRUG DELIVERY OF NITRIC OXIDE M. T. Pelegrino, P. S. Haddad, D. R. de Araujo, A. B. Seabra          
Poster P1-80 Abstract Pascally Maria Aparecida Guerra de Araújo Evaluation of drug delivery the base of Fe3O4@SiO2/ciproflonax for the treatment of osteomyelitis. P. M. A. G. de Araújo, S. M. C. M. Bicalho , L. S. Conrado, Manoel R. Silva, A. C. F. M. Costa
Poster P1-81 Abstract Sinara Borborema Gabriel ELECTROCHEMICAL CHARACTERIZATION OF Ti-10Mo-20Nb ALLOY HOT SWAGED AND AGED FOR BIOMEDICAL APPLICATIONS Sinara Borborema Gabriel, Aline Raquel Vieira Nunes, Gabriel Feliciano Santos, Jean Dille, Iranildes dos Santos, Renato Baldan, Carlos Angelo Nunes, Luiz Henrique de Almeida          
Poster P1-82 Abstract Tamiye Simone Goia TITANIUM NANOROUGHNESS FOR BONE CELLS ADESION T.S. Goia, K.B. Violin , A.H.A Bressiani , S.F. Santos 
Poster P1-83 Abstract TATIANE VENTUROTT TONIATO Biocompatibility of Ti-6Al-7Nb alloys with particle size and modified surfaces as implant for bone regeneration R. Ricci, T. V. Toniato, D. Pedreira, F. R. Marciano, A. Moreira, A. O. Lobo          
Poster P1-84 Abstract Thiago Domingues Stocco Porous Poly(D,L‑lactic acid)/Carbon Nanotubes/Nanohydroxyapatite Nanocomposite Scaffold for Osteochondral Tissue Engineering Applications T. D. Stocco, C. M. V. Elias, T. V. Toniato, B. V. M. Rodrigues, I. A. W. B. Siqueira, E. Antonioli, M. Ferretti,, F.R. Marciano and A. O. Lobo
Poster P1-85 Abstract William de Melo SIlva Influence of the contact angle/interfacial tension in the adhesion of fibroblast and pre-osteoblast cells into diamond film.  W. Silva, D. Oliveira, C. Marques, A. Tabata, M. Saequi, L. Medeiros, D. Macedo, W. Bailo          
Poster P1-86 Abstract Amanda Ventura Castilho Synthesis of Nanocrystalline Zirconium-rich alloys with high Glass Forming Ability Amanda V. Castilho, Dilson S. dos Santos
Poster P1-87 Abstract Flavio Soares Pereira STUDY OF ARC MELTING PROCESS VARIABLES ON THE OXYGEN CONTAMINATION OF ZR-BASED BULK METALLIC GLASS F.S. Pereira, N.D. Campos Neto, F.H. Santa Maria, C.J. Parrish, M.F. Oliveira          
Poster P1-88 Abstract Giovanna Giroto Wear studies of Fe-based self-lubricating nanocomposites produced by laser cladding process Giovanna Giroto, Marcos F. de Carvalho, Rudimar Riva, Conrado R. M. Afonso, Piter Gargarella
Poster P1-89 Abstract Giovanne Lopes Liberato Comparison of two different processing routes for production of Fe48-xMo14Cr15Y2C15B6Six (x = 0 or 8 at.%) metallic glasses and effect of Si addition on their glass-forming ability G.L. Liberato, S. Dulnee, P. Gargarella and C.S. Kiminami          
Poster P1-90 Abstract Marcela Bergamaschi Tercini Molecular Dynamics Study of Shear Transformation Zones in Metallic Glasses M. B. Tercini, R. G. A. Veiga, A. Zúñiga
Poster P1-91 Abstract Marcio Andreato Batista Mendes Effect of Elements Addition on Glass Forming Ability of Gd5.09Ge2,03Si1,88 Magnetocaloric Alloy M. A. B. Mendes, B. D. Gonçalves, W. Imamura, C. S. Alves, A. B. Gagliotti, N. D. Campos Neto          
Poster P1-92 Abstract Nelson Delfino de Campos Neto AMORPHOUS QUANTIFICATION OF VIT105 METALLIC GLASS ALLOY BY OPTICAL LIGHT MICROSCOPY N. D. Campos Neto, F. S. Pereira, F. H. Santa Maria, F. C. Daneze, M. F. Oliveira, C. J. Parrish
Poster P1-93 Abstract Paul, Axel, Vincent HERVIER Surface functionnalization of bulk metallic glasses by femtosecond laser processing. P. Hervier, R. Vilar, V. Oliveira, J-J. Blandin, S. Gravier          
Poster P1-94 Abstract Paulo Wilmar Barbosa Marques Mechanical Spectroscopy Study of Nanoclusters and Nanocrystalline Dynamics in BMG Cu54Zr40Al6 and Cu47.5Zr45.5Al5Er2 A. Moreno-Gobbi, P. W. B. Marques, A. Masó, P. Gargarella, O. Florêncio, W. J. Botta
Poster P1-95 Abstract Siriwan Dulnee Microstructural characterization of Ni57Nb33Zr5Co5 metallic glass Siriwan Dulnee, Michael Joseph Kaufman, Piter Gargarella, Claudio Shyinti Kiminami          
Poster P1-96 Abstract Thiago Pacagnan Cataldi Effect of Si additions in the glass-forming ability of a Ni57Nb33Zr5Co5 alloy T. Cataldi, P. Gargarella, S. Dulnee, C. S. Kiminami
Poster P1-97 Abstract Vanda Maria Gomes Bastos Crystallization behaviour and glass-forming ability of Al-based alloys: a review  V. G. Bastos, P. Gargarella , C. Bolfarini, C. S. Kiminami, W. J. Botta          
Poster P1-98 Abstract Weverson Capute Batalha Welding Of CuZr-Based Metallic Glasses On Air W. Batalha, P.Gargarella, C.S. Kiminami
Poster P1-99 Abstract Diego Seiti Fukano Viana Multiferroic properties of particulate composites resulting from combined size effects of the magnetic and ferroelectric phases D.S.F. Viana, A.J.A. de Oliveira, K.P.C.P. Jimenez, P.C. Camargo, F.P. Milton, F.L. Zaboto, J.A. Eiras, D. Garcia          
Poster P1-101 Abstract GLAUCIO CARLEY PEREIRA Spring-Back Behavior of Thick L-shaped Composite Structures: Cooling Rate and Stacking Sequence Factors of Elastic Recovery Time  Gláucio C. Pereira, Wen S. Chan, Peter Leboulluec, Wei-Tsen Lu, Antônio F. Ávila          
Poster P1-102 Abstract João Carlos Angelico Electrical conductivity of cobalt oxide films deposited by DC sputtering onto different substrates J. C. Angelico, N. F. Azevedo Neto, J. H. Dias da Silva
Poster P1-103 Abstract Larissa Stieven Montagna Synthesis and characterization of magnetic nanoparticles obtained by co-precipitation L.S. Montagna, A.P. Silva, T.L.A. Montanheiro, L. A. A. Rodríguez, C. Siqueira, S. Oliveira, A.P. Lemes          
Poster P1-104 Abstract Amanda Araujo Silva Exfoliation of multi-walled carbon nanotubes by hydrogen plasma for application as capacitors devices Amanda Araujo Silva, Romário Araujo Pinheiro, Vladimir Jesus Trava-Airoldi, Evaldo José Corat
Poster P1-105 Abstract Amanda Araujo Silva Synthesis of BDD/MWCNTs-RGO on tungsten wire for electrochemical applications Amanda Araujo Silva, Romário Araujo Pinheiro, Vladimir Jesus Trava-Airoldi, Evaldo José Corat          
Poster P1-106 Abstract Ana Melva Champi Farfan Study of AgO Nanoparticles in graphene bilayers by Raman Spectroscopy A. Champi, M. Briones and M. Quintana
Poster P1-107 Abstract Bruno Vinicius Manzolli Rodrigues Vertically-Aligned MWCNT onto Electrospun PLA Fibers: A Straightforward Route to Create Bioactive and Electrically Conductive Nanoarchitectured 3D-Scaffolds B. V. M. Rodrigues; C. A. Razzino; F. R. Marciano; A. O. Lobo          
Poster P1-108 Abstract Elvis Carneiro Monteiro Carbon Nanotubes applied to adhesion science: Single-lap joint case study investigation Monteiro E.C., Avila. A.F.
Poster P1-109 Abstract Giovana da Silva Padilha Morphological and physicochemical properties of the Burkholderia cepacia lipase non-covalently immobilized on multi-walled carbon nanotubes Giovana S. Padilha, Victor A. B. Campos, Mariana C. Costa, Telma T. Franco          
Poster P1-110 Abstract Larissa Stieven Montagna A comparative study of graphite nanosheets: synthesized vs commercial L.S. Montagna, T.L.A. Montanheiro, J. P. B. Machado, A.P. Lemes, M.C. Rezende
Poster P1-111 Abstract Marinés Chiquinquirá Carvajal Bravo Gomes Unidirectional Fiber-Reinforced Nanocomposites: Effect of Carbon Nanotubes Distribution on Interfacial Shear Strength Marinés C. C. B. Gomes, Lays D. R. Cardoso, Vladimir J. Trava-Airoldi, Fabio S. Silva and Evaldo J. Corat          
Poster P1-112 Abstract Romário Araújo Pinheiro Diamond microchannels fabricated by diamond deposition on superhydrofilic and superhydrophobic VACNTs Romário Araújo Pinheiro, Amanda Araujo Silva, Vladimir Jesus Trava-Airoldi, Evaldo José Corat
Poster P1-113 Abstract André Mello Bepe Processing of FeNiCrCuZn, FeNiCrCuZn(Nb)0,5, FeNiCrCuZnNb High Entropy Alloys by Mechanical Alloying and Spark Plasma Sintering A. Bepe, K. Cardoso          
Poster P1-114 Abstract André Paganotti Investigation of phase transitions in as-cast FeNiCo alloys A. Paganotti, S. Gama, R.A.G. Silva
Poster P1-115 Abstract Barbara de Oliveira Fiorin Microstructural characterization and corrosion behavior of the Ti-22Si-11B alloy prepared by ball milling and subsequent spark plasma sintering B. Oliveira Fiorin, T. Holland, L. Lucena de Sousa, N. Aparecida Mariano, E. Coaglia Trindade Ramos, C. Angelo Nunes, A. Saraiva Ramos          
Poster P1-116 Abstract Diego Davi Coimbrão Effect of Cr and Cu addition on the Al-Ni-Co QC phase formation B. O. Sitta, W. Wolf, D. D. Coimbrão, C. Bolfarini, C.S. Kiminami and W. J. Botta
Poster P1-117 Abstract João Felipe Queiroz Rodrigues Development and Characterization of AlAgNbTiZn High Entropy Alloy João Felipe Queiroz Rodrigues, Wislei Ramos Riuper Osório, Rodrigo José Contieri, Ausdinir Danilo Bortolozo          
Poster P1-118 Abstract Kátia Regina Cardoso Synthesis and Characterization of High Entropy Alloys AlCrCuFeZnNbx (x = 0, 0.5, 1) by Mechanical Alloying K.R. Cardoso, B.S. Izaias, L. .S. Vieira, A.M. Bepe
Poster P1-119 Abstract Laura Galvão Barbosa de Oliveira Microstructural characterization of quasicrystalline alloys of the Al-Fe-Nb system L. G. B. Oliveira, F. Y. Kachiwazaki, C. R. M. Afonso, C. S. Kiminami, W. J. Botta          
Poster P1-120 Abstract Lucas Moura Martini Effect of Cr and Ni addition on the Al-Cu-Fe QC phase formation L. M. Martini, W. Wolf, C. Bolfarini, C.S. Kiminami and W. J. Botta
Poster P1-121 Abstract Tiago Machado e Silva Obtainment and Characterization of Aluminum Alloy Quasicrystalline Verging Coating by Flame Spray  T. M. Silva, W. Wolf, W. J. Botta, G. R. Santos, B. B. Medeiros          
Poster P1-122 Abstract Vinicius Pires Almeida Processing of FeNiCuCrZn, FeNiCuCr0,5Zn, FeNiCuCr0,2Zn High Entropy Alloys by Mechanical Alloying and Spark Plasma Sintering V. Almeida, A.M. Bepe, K.R. Cardoso
Poster P1-123 Abstract Diego Davi Coimbrão Effect of minor B additions on the microstructure of AlCoCrFeNi high entropy alloys V. Ferrari, G. Zepon, W. Wolf, D.D. Coimbrão, C. Bolfarini,  C.S. Kiminami and W.J. Botta          
Poster P1-124 Abstract Walman Benicio de Castro The effect of rapidly solidified on shape memory behaviour in Ti-Ni-Cu alloys A. P. Ramos; W. B. Castro; B. A. Luciano
Poster Section 2 - Tuesday, 21.03.2017 (16:30 - 18:00) - Posters must be fixed during the lunch time (from 12h30 to 14h) and removed immediately  after the end of the sessions[2]
Code Presenter Title Authors
Poster P2-01 Abstract Conrado Ramos Moreira Afonso Crystallographic Orientation Mapping (ASTAR) Characterization of Nanocrystalline Phases in Metallic Alloys C.R.M. Afonso, V. Amigo , W.J. Botta, C.S. Kiminami          
Poster P2-02 Abstract Daniel Azofeifa Dielectric function of metallic thin films obtained from optical transmission measurements Daniel E. Azofeifa, Neville Clark, William E.Vargas
Poster P2-03 Abstract GERMAN DARIO GOMEZ HIGUITA Water absorption effects on the morphology of EMMA-Na+ ionomer by real time thermo-optical techniques Germán D. Gómez, Sebastião V. Canevarolo          
Poster P2-04 Abstract Marcel Tadashi Izumi In situ Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction Analysis of FCC Metals with Different Stacking Fault Energies Deformed at Room and Cryogenic Temperatures Marcel Tadashi Izumi, Maicon Rogerio Crivoi, Ricardo Sansom Namur, Denilson José Marcolino de Aguiar, John Jairo Hoyos Quintero, Osvaldo Mitsuyuki Cintho
Poster P2-05 Abstract Marcio Jose Cuccolo Rosales Characterization of Nanostructured Phases at Interface of Brazing Mo/h-BN using FIB and TEM analysis M. J. Rosales, V. Amigo , C.R.M. Afonso          
Poster P2-06 Abstract OLOYEDE, OLAMILEKAN R. Phase formation and identification by colour metallography in rapidly solidified grey cast iron via drop-tube processing. Olamilekan Oloyede, Robert F. Cochrane, Andrew M. Mullis
Poster P2-07 Abstract Santiago José Alejandro Figueroa Characterization of amorphous, metastable and nano-structured metallic alloys for hydrogen storage using X-ray microtomography S.J.A. Figueroa; E.X. Miqueles; D.R. Leiva          
Poster P2-08 Abstract Ana Paula da Silva Characterization of films of PHBV/Cellulose Nanocrystals nanocomposites after biodegradation in liquid medium A. P. da Silva, T. L. A. Montanheiro, L. S. Montagna, A. P. Lemes
Poster P2-09 Abstract Ana Paula da Silva Characterization of films of PHBV/Cellulose Nanocrystals nanocomposites A. P. da Silva, T. L. A. Montanheiro, L. S. Montagna, A. P. Lemes          
Poster P2-10 Abstract Antonio Ferreira Avila Origami based composites: A metamaterials investigation by finite element analysis S. G. Leão, F. Lima, N.C. Menezes, C.F. Silva, G. Arantes, M. G. Martins, A.F. Avila
Poster P2-11 Abstract Augusto Ducati Luchessi The compound FCA/X-PEI enhances DNA transfer into mammalian cells using polyethyleneimine (PEI) Pereira KD, Cambiaghi TD, Tamborlin L, Meneguello L, de Proença AR, Luchessi AD          
Poster P2-12 Abstract BERENICE GONZALEZ SANTIAGO Green synthesis of aluminum based metal-organic framework B. González-Santiago, L. Chávez-Guerrero, J. C. Hernández-Reta, A.M. Soto-Estrada, M. A. García-Sánchez, M. Poisot
Poster P2-13 Abstract BERENICE GONZALEZ SANTIAGO Immobilization of perylene and pyrene dyes in SBA-15 B. González-Santiago, A. Y. Palacios-Enriquez, O. Medina-Juárez, M. A. García-Sánchez          
Poster P2-14 Abstract Bruno Estevam Amantea Esterification influency in thermosensitive behavior of copolymers PNIPAM-co-PAA and PVCL-co-PAA B.E. Amantea, R.D. Piazza, J.R.V Chacon, C.C. Santos, T.P. Costa, A.C.T. Tognolo, M. Jafelicci Jr., R.F.C. Marques
Poster P2-15 Abstract Bruno Vinicius Manzolli Rodrigues On the production of fluorescent ultrathin fibers from the “green” electrospinning of poly (vinyl alcohol)/water-soluble graphene quantum dots T. S. Cabral; F. R. Marciano; A. O. Lobo; B. V. M. Rodrigues          
Poster P2-16 Abstract Caio Carvalho dos Santos POLY(VINYLIDENE FLORIDE) NANOPARTICLES WITH SPIONS SYNTHESIZED BY MINIEMULSION METHOD Santos. C. C., Cruz. C. A., Piazza. D. R., Amantea. E. B., Marques. C. F. R., Jafelicci Jr. M.
Poster P2-17 Abstract Claudia Patricia Fernandez Perdomo 0.675Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)-0.325PbTiO3] /CoFe2O4 Nanocomposite Synthesized by Novel in situ Polymeric Precursor Route C.P. Fernandez, D. Garcia, R. H. G. A Kiminami          
Poster P2-19 Abstract Helton Gomes Alves Synthesis and Characterization Process of a Polyurethane Resin (polyol + isocyanate) H. G. Alves, G. C. de Oliveira, A. C. L. Patrício, R. R. A. Duarte, G. T. de Araújo          
Poster P2-20 Abstract João Victor Brandt PREPARATION OF FOLIC ACID MODIFIED PEG-PCL COPOLYMERS FOR CONTROLLED RELEASE OF METHOTREXATE. J. V. Brandt, R. D. Piazza, M. Jafelicci Junior , R. F. C. Marques
Poster P2-21 Abstract JOSÉ COSTA DE MACEDO NETO The stability and properties of polystyrene/kaolinite nanocomposites by emulsion polymerization José Costa de Macêdo Neto, Nayra Reis do Nascimento, Telma Regina Nogueira, João Evangelista Neto, Bruno Mello de Freitas, Solenise Pinto Rodrigues Kimura, Liliane Maria Ferrareso          
Poster P2-22 Abstract Juliana Coatrini Soares Development of Films Containing Polymeric Nanofibers for Early Detection of the CA19-9 biomarker J.C.Soares, A.C. Soares, L. E. O. Iwaki, O. N. Oliveira Jr
Poster P2-23 Abstract Juliano Marini OPTICAL PROPERTIES OF BLOWN FILMS OF PA6/MMT NANOCOMPOSITES J. Marini, R. E. S. Bretas          
Poster P2-24 Abstract Lidiane Cristina Costa DEVELOPMENT OF COMPATIBILIZED SAN/PBT NANOBLENDS  L.C. Costa, L.G. Santos, E.Hage Junior
Poster P2-25 Abstract Michelle Chizzolini Barbosa Substrate for electrical stimulation device produced with electrospun recycled PET ultrathin fibers M.C. Barbosa, C.A. Razzino, A.F.C. Ribeiro, F.R. Marciano, A.O. Lobo          
Poster P2-26 Abstract Monique Rosolem Chinelatto Synthesis of poly (methyl methacrylate) by Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization using 2, 2, 2- tribromoethanol as initiator M. Chinelatto, L.M.F. Lona
Poster P2-27 Abstract Olavo Serafin Bianchin Nanocomposites of foamed long chain branching polypropylene (LCB-PP) with carboxyl functionalized multiwall carbon nanotubes (MWCNT-COOH).  O.S. Bianchin, G. H. F. Melo, R.E.S Bretas          
Poster P2-28 Abstract Rita de Cássia Barbosa Camargo Lamparelli STUDY OF BIODEGRADATION IN SOIL OF PHBV/GNS NANOCOMPOSITES R. C. B. C. Lamparelli, L. S. Montagna, T. L. A. Montanheiro, M. C. Rezende, A. P. Lemes
Poster P2-29 Abstract Edcleide Maria Araújo Coagulation Bath: Morphology Control of Membranes of Nanocomposites Polyamide 6/Clay R. S. B. Ferreira, C. H. Pereira, E. A. S. Filho, A. M. D. Leite, H. L. Lira, E. M. Araújo          
Poster P2-30 Abstract Suellen Signer Bartolomei Plasticization of Recycled Polystyrene by Addition of Glycerol S. Bartolomei, H. Wiebeck
Poster P2-31 Abstract TATIANE VENTUROTT TONIATO Influence of water in production of polyethylene glycol dimethacrylate hydrogels T. V. Toniato, F. R. Marciano, A. O. Lobo          
Poster P2-32 Abstract Thaís Larissa do Amaral Montanheiro Production of Cellulose Nanocrystals from Recycled Pulp using Enzymatic Hydrolysis and Acid Hydrolysis C. P. de Siqueira, T.L.A. Montanheiro, A. P. Lemes
Poster P2-33 Abstract Thaís Larissa do Amaral Montanheiro ADSORPTION OF POLYETHYLENE GLYCOL ONTO CELLULOSE NANOCRYSTALS SURFACE TO REDUCE HYDROPHILICITY T. L.A. Montanheiro, L. S. Montagna, J. P. B. Machado, A. P. Lemes          
Poster P2-34 Abstract Bianca Delazari Zanchetta Asymmetric Rolling of Aluminum 1050 Alloy Sheet: Improving Formability Properties B. Zanchetta, A.Madeira, B. Rubert
Poster P2-35 Abstract Carlos Alberto Caldas de Sousa Efeito comparativo da presença do Mo e do  Nb na resistência a corrosão de ligas amorfas a base de Fe-Cr Carlos Alberto Caldas de Souza, Ana Karla Melle, Daniel Veras Ribeiro, Claudio Shyinti Kiminami          
Poster P2-37 Abstract Carlos Triveno Rios Microstructural and Thermal Characterization of Atomized Fe43.2Co28.8B19.2Nb4Si4.8 Powders  C. Triveño Rios, Piter Gargarella, C. Bolfarini, W.J. Botta F, C. S. Kiminami          
Poster P2-38 Abstract Danielle Cristina Camilo Magalhães CRYOGENIC ASYMMETRIC ROLLING APPLIED TO AA6061 AL ALLOY: AGING KINETIC, MICROSTRUCTURE AND MECHANICAL BEHAVIOR Danielle Cristina Camilo Magalhães; Vitor Luiz Sordi; Maurizio Ferrante
Poster P2-39 Abstract Danielle Cristina Camilo Magalhães CRYOGENIC SEVERE PLASTIC DEFORMATION ON AA6061 Al ALLOY: MICROSTRUCTURE AND TENSILE PROPERTIES Danielle Cristina Camilo Magalhães; Vitor Luiz Sordi; Maurizio Ferrante          
Poster P2-40 Abstract Darling Perea Cabarcas DEVITRIFICATION BEHAVIOR AND STRUCTURAL EVOLUTION DURING HEATING OF FeSiBPMo ALLOYS Darling Perea, Parthiban Ramasamy, Mihai Stoica, Félix Echeverría, Francisco Bolívar
Poster P2-41 Abstract Diego Alfonso Godoy Pérez  Ti-13Nb-13Zr alloy processed by severe plastic deformation Diego Alfonso Godoy Pérez, Alberto Moreira Jorge Junior, Claudio Shyinti Kiminami, Claudemiro Bolfarini and  Walter José Botta          
Poster P2-42 Abstract Douglas Ricardo de Assis Silver nanoparticles synthesis in  Langmuir films D. R. Assis, V. N. Ueyama, C. C. Santos,  B.E. Amantéa, T.P. Costa, M. Jafelicci, M. R. Davolos
Poster P2-43 Abstract Eric  Marchezini Mazzer COMBINATORIAL ANALYSIS USING THERMODYNAMIC AND CRYSTALLOGRAPHIC PARAMETERS ON CU-AL-NI-BASED SHAPE MEMORY ALLOYS  E. M. Mazzer, P. Gargarella, C. S. Kiminami, C. Bolfarini, R. D. Cava , M. Galano          
Poster P2-44 Abstract Fabrício Benedito Destro Characterization of copper vanadates: a promising candidate for photoactive thin films deposited by physical methods F. B. Destro, M. R. S. Soares, E. R. Leite
Poster P2-45 Abstract Fausto Lopes Catto Characterization of Rapidly Solidified Ni-Nb-Sn Alloys  F. L. Catto, C. R. M. Afonso, A. H. G.Gabriel          
Poster P2-46 Abstract Felipe Amélio de Lucena Rapid Solidification of Nanocrystalline Alloy based on Cast Iron with Niobium and Boron Additions F. A. Lucena, C. R. M. Afonso
Poster P2-47 Abstract Fernanda Rocha Chiuzuli Production and welding of a La-based metallic glass Fernanda R. Chiuzuli, Cláudio S. Kiminami, Piter Gargarella          
Poster P2-48 Abstract Giordanno Coscelli Rocco PROCESSING PARAMETERS EVALUATION ON FORMABILITY OF BMGs G. C. Rocco, A. M. J Junior, P. Gargarella
Poster P2-49 Abstract Javier Andres Munoz Chaves Nanostructured film grown on Ti-Fe-Nb-Sn ultrafine eutectic alloy surface by anodization process J.M. Chaves, A.L. Vidilli, C.R.M, Afonso          
Poster P2-50 Abstract João Guilherme Jacon de Salvo Fatigue Strength Evaluation and Microstructural Characterization of Extruded and Rotary Swaged Al 7050 Wires Recycled by Spray Forming J. G. J. Salvo, C. Bolfarini, C. R. M. Afonso
Poster P2-51 Abstract Joéverton Iurk Pereira Study of Commercially Pure Aluminum Grain Refining by TiB2, Processed by High Energy Ball Milling J. I. Pereira, C. Silva, J. B. Rodrigues Neto, O. M. Cintho          
Poster P2-52 Abstract JOSE ADILSON CASTRO Effects of Heat Input Conditions on the Local Thermophysical Properties of Super Duplex Stainless Steels J. Castro, D. Almeida, G. Fonseca, E. Oliveira
Poster P2-53 Abstract JOSE LUIS HIDALGO GONZALEZ Magnetic interactions in powders of Sm-Fe-Ti obtained by mechanical milling. J. Hidalgo, S. Palomares, J. Cruz, J. Sánchez, A. Encinas          
Poster P2-54 Abstract Leandro César Micheloti The use of recycled material in the production of powders of a Al-based quasicrystalline phase former alloy L. Micheloti, C.S. Kiminami,  P. Gargarella
Poster P2-55 Abstract Leandro Henrique Pereira Recycling of 6061 aluminum alloy by spray forming L.H. Pereira, L.B. Otani, Bolfarini, C.S. Kiminami and W. J. Botta          
Poster P2-56 Abstract Leonardo Contri Campanelli Effect of a Nanostructured Coating on the Fatigue Response of Metastable Ti-15Mo Alloy through Fracture Mechanics Application L.C. Campanelli, N.T.C. Oliveira, P.S.C.P. da Silva, C. Bolfarini
Poster P2-57 Abstract Luan Rafael Silva Microstructural characterization of mechanically alloyed and sintered Ni-48Ti-2Fe and Ni-45Ti-5Fe alloys L. Rafael Silva, R. Mendes Leal Neto, L. Moreira Ferreira, C. Angelo Nunes, A. Saraiva Ramos, E. Coaglia Trindade Ramos          
Poster P2-58 Abstract Luís Otávio Zaparoli Falsetti Molecular dynamics simulation of a Cu-based shape memory alloy  Luis Otávio Zaparoli Falsetti; Piter Gargarella
Poster P2-59 Abstract Maicon Rogerio Crivoi Study of the effect of cryogenic deformations by X-ray diffraction in situ and thermo-mechanical simulation (XTMS) in stainless steels AISI 430 and AISI 316L  Crivoi, M. R.; Izumi, M. T.; Aguiar, D. J. M. de; Hoyos, J. J.1; Namur, R. S.; Cintho, O. M.          
Poster P2-60 Abstract MARIA CRISTINA MALDONADO OROZCO Synthesis of Pure and Mn-doped LiNbO3 Nanofibers by Electrospinning M.C. Maldonado-Orozco, J.E. Sosa-Márquez, M.T. Ochoa-Lara, J.J.C. Quintanar-Sierra and F. Espinosa-Magaña,
Poster P2-61 Abstract Murillo Romero da Silva CHARACTERIZATION OF A Ti-29Nb-13Ta-4.6Zr ALLOY Silva, M. R.; Gargarella, P.; Botta, W.J.; Kiminami, C.S.; Bolfarini, C.          
Poster P2-62 Abstract Murilo Feliciano de Lima Santos Beta-transus temperature identification and atmosphere influence evaluation in beta-matrix metastable alloy TMZF. M. F. L. Santos, P. L. F. H. Personnaz, L.C. Campanelli, C. Bolfarini
Poster P2-63 Abstract Nelson Damásio Ferreira Microstructural characterization of mechanically alloyed and sintered Ni-48Ti-2Fe and Ni-45Ti-5Fe alloys L. Rafael Sila, R. Mendes Leal Neto, B. Fiorin, A. Saraiva Ramos, E. Coaglia Trindade Ramos          
Poster P2-64 Abstract Rafael de Araujo Silva ABSORPTION AND DESORPTION PROPERTIES OF THE Mg + X wt.%TiFe COMPOSITE, X = 2.5 AND 40, MANUFACTURED BY HIGH-ENERGY BALL MILLING R. A. Silva, R. M. Leal Neto, G.C.S. Coutinho, D.R. Leiva, T.T. Ishikawa, C.S. Kiminami, W. J. Botta
Poster P2-65 Abstract Rafael Humberto Mota de Siqueira A study of the hot cracks formation on T-joints of AA6013-T4 aluminum alloy welded by a Yb:fiber laser R. H. M. SIQUEIRA, S. M. CARVALHO, M. S. F. LIMA          
Poster P2-66 Abstract Régis Daniel Cava Mechanical and Microstructural Properties of Cu-Al-Ni-Mn-Zr Shape Memory Alloy Processed by Spray Forming R.D. Cava, C. Bolfarini, C. S. Kiminami, E. M. Mazzer, V. M. Pedrosa, W. J. Botta, P. Gargarella
Poster P2-67 Abstract Renan Pereira de Godoi Microstructural and mechanical characterization of a asymmetric accumulative roll bonded (AARB) of AA1050 aluminum alloy Renan Pereira de Godoi, Felipe Bento de Almeida, Andrea Madeira Kliauga           
Poster P2-68 Abstract Roberto Martínez Sánchez Effect of Ni addition and hot deformation on the microstructure and hardness of 3xx.x  type alloys. H. M. Medrano-Prieto, C.G. Garay-Reyes, R.Perez-Bustamante, I. Estrada-Guel, M.C. Maldonado-Orozco, R. Martínez-Sánchez
Poster P2-69 Abstract Roberto Martínez Sánchez Effect Mg Addition on Microstructure and Hardness of Al 2024 Alloy after Thermo-Mechanical Treatments C.G. Garay-Reyes, I. K. Gómez-Barraza, M. A. Ruiz-Esparza-Rodríguez, H. M. Medrano-Prieto, I. Estrada-Guel, M. C. Maldonado-Orozco  and R. Martínez-Sánchez          
Poster P2-70 Abstract RODOLFO LISBOA BATALHA Effect of small additions of beta-stabilizing elements on the phase formation, microstructure and mechanical properties of Ti-25Nb-1X (X = Ta, Mo e Zr) alloys  R. L. Batalha, P. Gargarella, C. Bolfarini, W. J. Botta, C. S. Kiminami
Poster P2-71 Abstract Sheila Medeiros de Carvalho Phase changes and weldability of dissimilar copper-steel joints for a thrust rocket chamber S.M. Carvalho, R.H.M. Siqueira          
Poster P2-72 Abstract Tabatta Regina de Brito Martins INFLUENCE OF NANOXIDES ON DIFFUSITY AND SOLUBITY OF HYDROGEN IN PALLADIUM T. R. B. Martins, D. S. dos Santos, S.S.M. Tavares, V. M. Azambuja
Poster P2-73 Abstract Takahiro Masuda Extra-Strengthening of Ultrafine-Grained A2024 Alloy Produced by High-Pressure Sliding and subsequent aging treatment T. Masuda, Y. Takizawa, M. Yumoto, Y. Otagiri, Z. Horita          
Poster P2-74 Abstract Thaís Regina Garcia Brazing Metals Using Metallic Glasses in the Supercooled Liquid State T. R. Garcia, P. Gargarella, G. Zepon, C. S. Kiminami, W.J. Botta
Poster P2-75 Abstract Vitor Vieira Rielli Effects of B4C Addition on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of the Beta Titanium Alloy V. V. Rielli, R. J. Contieri          
Poster P2-76 Abstract Alexandre T. Malavolta Temperatures Evolution Prediction during the Dehydrogenation Stage of Magnesium Hydride in Hydrogen Storage Tanks A.T. Malavolta, D.R. Leiva, F.G. Aguiar, L. F. Chanchetti, W. J. Botta
Poster P2-77 Abstract Fernando Audebert Effect of Cold Rolling on AA6061/SiCp Nanocomposites X. Jiang, M. Galano, F. Audebert          
Poster P2-78 Abstract Ana Claudia Costa de Oliveira Tribological behaviour WC thermal spray coating  by HP/HVOF with and without laser CO2 remelting A.C.C. Oliveira, R. Panzieira,  A.G. Ronzani. G., I. Maus , B. Siqueira, S. A. Silva, G. Vasconcelos
Poster P2-79 Abstract André Luiz Vidilli LASER CLADDING COATINGS OF BALL MILLED POWDERS OF NANOCRYSTALLINE Ti-Nb-Fe-Sn ALLOY A. L. Vidilli, J. E. Spinelli, R. Riva, V. Amigó, C. S. Kiminami, C.R.M. Afonso          
Poster P2-80 Abstract João Batista Fogagnolo Laser Surface Melting in sintered parts of Ti-Nb and Ti-Mo Silva, S.A.; Rodríguez-Pérez, J; Caram, R.; Amigó, V.; Fogagnolo, J.B.
Poster P2-81 Abstract João Guilherme Dessi Laser surface remelting of β-Ti alloys produced by Powder Metallurgy of Ti-Mo-Zr-Fe and Ti-Mo-Nb-Fe systems João G. Dessi, João B. Fogagnolo , V.B. Amigó , C.R.M. Afonso           
Poster P2-82 Abstract Juno Gallego Microstructural Characterization of GTAW Weld Metal Reinforced with Titanium Carbide Partially Remelted by Pulsed Nd:YAG Laser Beam G. I. Pontin; G. M. P. Egito, J. G. Fagundes Júnior, V. A. Ventrella, J. Gallego
Poster P2-83 Abstract Katherine Martínez Orozco Laser Cladding of Amorphous Ni-Nb Based Alloys and Dilution Control In a 1020 Steel Substrate C. Moreira Afonso, C. Della Rovere, K. Martínez Orozco          
Poster P2-84 Abstract Marcos Fernandes de Carvalho Tribological studies of Ni-Nb-Sn self-lubricating nanocomposites produced by laser cladding process Marcos F. de Carvalho, Maria J. T. Vidal, Conrado R. M. Afonso, Armando J. Y. Casal
Poster P2-85 Abstract Milton Sergio Fernandes de Lima Understanding phase transformations in laser processed aerospace metallic materials using interface response functions M.S.F. Lima          
Poster P2-86 Abstract Nilson Tadeu Camarinho de Oliveira Apatites Deposition On TiO2 Nanostructured Surfaces N.T.C. Oliveira, A.H. Aparecida , L.C. Campanelli , C. Bolfarini , A.J. Motheo 
Poster P2-87 Abstract Nilton Francelosi Azevedo Neto Structural Properties of Co3O4 Films Deposited by Reactive Magnetron Sputtering N.F. Azevedo Neto, A.L.J. Pereira, L.J. Affonço, J.C. Angelico, K.O Rocha, A.R. Zanatta, P.N. Lisboa-Filho, J.H. Dias da Silva          
Poster P2-88 Abstract Nilton Francelosi Azevedo Neto Experimental and simulation analysis of the influence of the variation of the oxygen flow on the growth of cobalt oxide films by reactive sputtering N.F. Azevedo Neto, A.L.J. Pereira, J.C. Angelico, P.N. Lisboa-Filho, J.H. Dias da Silva
Poster P2-89 Abstract Fernando Audebert NiO–YSZ Anode and LSM Cathode Thin Films Grown by Pulsed Laser Deposition for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells  F. Saporiti, F. Audebert, R. E. Juarez, M. Boudard          
Poster P2-90 Abstract André Martins Neves Hydrogen Storage of ZK60 + 2.5 wt. % Mm Alloy After ECAP and Filing A. M. Neves, K. F. Santos, J. Soyama, E. P. Silva, D. R. Leiva, W. J. Botta
Poster P2-91 Abstract André Martins Neves MELT-SPUN Mg RIBBONS WITH ADDITION OF Fe AS A HYDROGEN STORAGE MATERIAL A. M. Neves, D. R. Leiva, C.S. Kiminami, W. J. Botta          
Poster P2-92 Abstract Armando Ítalo Sette Antonialli HYDROGEN STORAGE IN CHIPS PRODUCED BY SHAPING F.H. Koshino, R.B. Strozi, C.E.H. Ventura, A.Í.S. Antonialli, D.R. Leiva, W.J. Botta
Poster P2-93 Abstract Bruno Diego de Oliveira Hydrogen Storage Properties of 2Mg-Fe Mixtures Processed by High-Energy Ball Milling and Equal-Channel Angular Pressing Oliveira, B. D., Cardoso, K. R., Travessa, D. N., Leiva, D., Ishikawa, T., Botta, W. J., Jorge Junior, A.M., Lima, G. F.          
Poster P2-94 Abstract DANIEL RODRIGO LEIVA Ball-Milled Mg-Al Alloys for Hydrogen Storage – Effects of Graphite Addition and Air Exposure S. Niyomsoan, D.R. Leiva, R. A. Silva, L. F. Chanchetti, S. Scudino, P. Gargarella, W. J. Botta
Poster P2-95 Abstract Daniela Bellon Monsalve Study of the Influence on the Thermodynamic Properties of Replacing V by Zr in Alloys for Hydrogen Storage D. Bellon, A. Martínez, Peña Ballesteros Darío Yesid          
Poster P2-96 Abstract Erenilton Pereira da Silva Hydrogen storage properties of the heavily deformed ZK60 + 2.5 wt.% Mm alloy after filing E.P. Silva; D.R. Leiva; W.B. Silva; H. C. Pinto; W.J. Botta; R. Floriano
Poster P2-97 Abstract Flávio José Antiqueira Accumulative Roll Bonding of Mg and Mg-Fe Alloys for Hydrogen Storage F.J. Antiqueira, D.R. Leiva, D.D. Coimbrão, T.T. Ishikawa, A.M. Jorge Junior, W.J. Botta Filho          
Poster P2-98 Abstract Gabriel MEYER Hydrogen compression using metallic hydrides N. Villa, G. Meyer, and A. Baruj
Poster P2-99 Abstract Gabriel MEYER Hydrogen purification using metallic hydrides E.M. Borzone, A. Baruj, and G. Meyer          
Poster P2-100 Abstract Luciano da Silva Pinto Hydrogen Storage Properties of Mg-Fe-Ti-CNT Mixtures Prepared by High-Energy Ball Milling and consolidated by Equal-Channel Angular Pressing Pinto, L. S., Cardoso, K. R., Travessa, D. N., Leiva, D., Ishikawa, T., Botta, W. J., Jorge Junior, A.M., Lima, G. F.
Poster P2-101 Abstract Luis Esteban Romero Vega Hydrogen Storage Properties of TiFe Prepared By Cold Rolling Under Inert Atmosphere  L.E.R. Vega; D.R. Leiva; S.J.A. Figueroa; W.B. Silva; R.M. Leal Neto; T.T. Ishikawa; W.J. Botta          
Poster P2-102 Abstract Marcelo Orpinelli de Marco A Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) for Metal Hydrides Ordering M. O. Marco, L.T.Duarte, R.Floriano
Poster P2-103 Abstract Mariana Silva de Araujo Development of soda lime silica glasses obtained from agroindustrial wastes M.S.Araujo, J. G. C Semensin, V. D. D. Cacho          
Poster P2-104 Abstract Mariana Silva de Araujo Strontium oxide effects on modified bioactive glasses ARAUJO, M. S.; MELLO-CASTANHO, S. R. H.; SILVA, A. C.; COSTA E SILVA, D. L.
Poster P2-105 Abstract Rafael de Araujo Silva EFFECTS OF TiFe-TiC COMPOSITE ON THE HYDROGEN ABSORPTION PROPRIETIES OF Mg AT ROOM TEMPERATURE R.A. Silva, R.M. Leal Neto, G.C.S. Coutinho, D.R. Leiva, T.T. Ishikawa, C.S. Kiminami, W.J. Botta          
Poster P2-106 Abstract Renato Belli Strozi Hydrogen Storage Properties of the Mg – 8 wt.%Zr Alloy Processed by Melt Spinning R.B.Strozi, D.R. Leiva, G. Zepon, T.T. Ishikawa, J. Huot, C.S. Kiminami, W.J. Botta
Poster P2-107 Abstract Ricardo Mendes Leal Neto MgH2-TiFe Composite for Hydrogen Storage: Synthesis and Characterization G. C. S. Coutinho, R. B. Falcão, R. A. Silva, C. J. Rocha, D. R. Leiva, T. T. Ishikawa, W. J. Botta, R. M. Leal Neto          
Poster P2-108 Abstract Sydney Ferreira Santos HYDROGEN STORAGE PROPERTIES OF FILED MAGNESIUM S.F. Santos, A.A.C. Asselli, J. Huot
Poster P2-109 Abstract Tomaz Toshimi Ishikawa Hydrogen Storage Properties of MgH2-LaNi5 Composites Processed by Cold Rolling Under Controlled Atmosphere J. J. M. Coavas , D.R. Leiva, R. Floriano, W. B. Silva, T. T. Ishikawa, C. S. Kiminami, W. J. Botta          
Poster P2-110 Abstract Wágner Batista Silva Magnesium alloys for hydrogen storage processed by ECAP followed by low temperature rolling W.B. Silva; D.R. Leiva; L.E.V. Vega; S.J.A. Figueroa; E.X. Miqueles; E.P. Silva; W.J. Botta
Poster P2-111 Abstract Ausdinir Danilo Bortolozo Effect of microwave heating on the MAX phases manufacturing M. D. D. Damasceno, L. D. Calado, W. R. R. Osório, A. D. Bortotolozo          
Poster P2-113 Abstract Bráulio Salumão de Oliveira Analyzing the Knowledge Flow Between Thermal Spraying Processes and Metallic Glasses Using Bibliometric Mapping D. H. Milanez, B. S. Oliveira, E. Noyons, L. I. L. Faria,, W. J. Botta          
Poster P2-114 Abstract Bráulio Salumão de Oliveira Thermal Spraying Processes and Amorphous Alloys: Macro-Indicators of Patent Activity D.H. Milanez, B.S. Oliveira, D.R. Leiva,,L.I.L. Faria, C.S. Kiminami, W.J. Botta
Poster P2-115 Abstract Caio Carvalho dos Santos AQUEOUS NANOFLUIDS BASED COPPER MPA: SYNTHESIS AND CHARACTERIZATION Santos. C. C, Viali. W. R. , Nunes. S. E, Assis. D. R, Jafelicci Jr. M.          
Poster P2-116 Abstract Celise Villa dos Santos Use of nanotechnologies in aeronautical industry: an analysis using patent indicators C.V. Santos, D.H. Milanez, L.F. Chanchetti,, L.I.L de, Faria
Poster P2-117 Abstract Diego Ribas Gomes On the fabrication of functional nanostructures with ions D.R. Gomes, A.A. Turkin, D.I. Vainchtein, J.Th.M. De Hosson          
Poster P2-118 Abstract Edson Jansen Pedrosa de Miranda Júnior COMPLETE BAND GAPS IN NANO-PIEZOELECTRIC PHONONIC CRYSTALS E.J.P. Miranda Jr., J.M.C. Dos Santos
Poster P2-119 Abstract Edson Jansen Pedrosa de Miranda Júnior ELASTIC WAVE BAND GAPS IN NANO-MAGNETOELECTROELASTIC PHONONIC CRYSTALS E.J.P. Miranda Jr., J.M.C. Dos Santos          
Poster P2-120 Abstract Erich Potrich Thermodynamic Properties of Biodiesel Esters Estimated by the Gaussian Quantum Chemistry Software and by the Group Contribution Method of Constantinou and Gani E. Potrich, F. A. P. Voll, V. F. Cabral, L. Cardozo Filho
Poster P2-121 Abstract Jackeline Neres Bellucci Analysis of knowledge retention of distance educational methods for nanoscience and nanotechnology topics, applied to the health sciences Jackeline Neres Bellucci; Felipe Silva Bellucci; Elioenai Dornelles Alves; Gilberto Lacerda Santos           
Poster P2-122 Abstract MARCUS VINICIUS ALVES SAMPAIO DE SOUZA Synthesis of Zn / Al Hydrotalcite for Application to Rubber Formulations Danieli Martins do Carmo; Antonio Renato Bigansolli; Paulo Jansen de Oliveira; Marcus Vinícius Alves Sampaio de Souza; Lucas Castro Roza de Faria; Fernanda Cristina Fernandes Braga; Marcelo Ferreira Leão de Oliveira ; Marcia Gomes de Oliveira
Poster P2-123 Abstract Sheila de Oliveira "Production and Characterization of Chitosan/Cellulose Nanocrystals Hydrogels using Glutaraldehyde as Crosslinking Agent and Zinc Nitrate Hexahydrate as Catalyst" Sheila de Oliveira, Thaís L. A. Montanheiro, Larissa S. Montagna, Fernanda S. Tenório, Dayane B. Tada, Ana Paula Lemes          
Poster P2-124 Abstract Thaís Dolzany de Oliveira Inhibition of Melanoma Metastasis by Dual-Peptide PLGA NPs T.D. Oliveira, D.C. Arruda, P.H.F. Cursino, V.S.C. Maia, R. Berzaghi, L.R.R.G. Travassos, D.B. Tada
Poster P2-125 Abstract Yaofeng GUO On the phase evolution of Fe-Cr-Nb-B quaternary alloys Y. Guo, A. Costa e Silva, A. Moreira Jorge Jr., C.S. Kiminami, C. Bolfarini, W.J. Botta          

Poster Session 1 - Monday, 20.03.2017 (16:30 - 18:00)
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