Conference Venue

The NANOMAT-2017 will take place at the Hotel Fazenda Areia que Canta. More information about the hotel can be found here:

The hotel offers 50 well-appointed rooms and suites equipped for demanding guests, including free Internet access. The Hotel Fazenda Areia que Canta convention center has an adequate area for the expected number of participants with 3 main rooms for meetings and conferences.

The hotel is located in the city of Brotas, São Paulo, Brazil. The city of Brotas is located in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, at about 240 km from São Paulo city and at about 150 km from Campinas. You can easily reach the city, both by air and by terrestrial. The most convenient mean of transport is terrestrial, following the Bandeirantes and the Washington Luiz highway and then Engenheiro Paulo Nilo Romano Km 124 highway. (video of Brotas)

By air is also very easy, boarding or to Campinas (1h30 min from Brotas) or Ribeirão Preto (1h50min from Brotas) and then go terrestrial to the city which is located near one of the major highways of the state of São Paulo (Washington Luiz) and is served with several local buses or taxis and intercity.

Brotas is well known as the capital of Adventure and Ecotourism and for sure is one of the best destinations for tourism in Brazil. Here you will find an exuberant nature in a place full of activities in touch with nature and water such as: Rafting, Canyoning, Abseiling, Hiking and Trekking, Tyrolean. The most beautiful waterfalls in São Paulo State are waiting for you.

In Hotel Fazenda Areia que Canta you will find all these tourism activities for the guests also including: gorgeous family-style food with home grown products, swimming pools, fishing, lakes for bath, birdwatching, hammocks under the trees, waterfalls, and the main attraction is the spectacular green water spring named as "areia que canta" (which gives the name to the hotel) that is open for visit and bath. The areia que canta spring release a white sand from the bottom which is made of very fine grains of quartz and produces a peculiar sound when frictioned. (video of hotel)