General Information

NANOMAT - The Latin American Conference on Metastable and Nanostructured Materials is a triennial meeting, which provides a comprehensive overview of fundamental aspects of processing and applications in this evolving field of material science. The sessions include plenary and keynote lectures from internationally distinguished scientists as well as of oral and poster contributions.

Abstracts are invited in all areas of traditional and novel subjects including:

1. Materials: Metastable and/or Nanostructured Metallic, Polymeric, Ceramic or Carbon-based materials. Bulk metallic glasses; New oxide/ceramic glasses; Nanocomposites; Quasicrystals; Complex metallic alloys; Thin films and coatings.

2. Properties and Applications: Physical properties (magnetic, electronic, mechanical, etc.); Chemical properties; Catalytic properties; Hydrogen in metastable alloys; Health issues; Applications

3. Synthesis & Processing: Phase transformations; Characterization; Structural Manipulation; Rapid solidification; Theoretical modeling; Computer simulation; Semisolid Processing, Powder Metallurgy, Spray techniques; Mechanical Processing, Surface Treatments, Laser Processing, 3D Manufacturing, Mechanical alloying, Severe plastic deformation.

Previous NANOMAT meetings
NANOMAT 2001: São Pedro – São Paulo – Brazil
NANOMAT 2003: Foz do Iguaçu – Paraná – Brazil
NANOMAT 2006: Rio de Janeiro – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil
NANOMAT 2009: México City – México
NANOMAT 2012: São Carlos – Brazil
NANOMAT 2015: Cancún - México